Add-on Services

Pay your Wellness Partners Clinic bill – one time payment.

$180 a year ($15/mo)
$100 initial minimum * deposit on the patient’s account (“WP dollars”)

Designed to help patient caretakers provide healthcare oversight for their loved ones living in Liberia. This service works along with the patient’s individual membership plan and can be used alone or added to our silver, gold and platinum plans. International coordination service includes:

  • Online mobile application “caretaker” access to account balance & payment, online appointment scheduling and patient health summaries.
  • Direct coordination between patient, Wellness Partners provider and caretaker regarding health care decisions and treatment plans.
  • Referrals and coordination of care transfer to reputable local and regional specialists and referral hospitals
  • Option to have prescriptions sent to US pharmacies.
  • “WP dollars” credit balance is loaded directly onto the patient’s Wellness Partners health remittance account.
  • WP dollars never expire and can be used for all care at Wellness Partners including:
    • Consultation fees with any doctor
    • Short-stay observation visits
    • Labs and imaging (including imaging referred to our partner sites)
    • Medications

Customize your plan by adding on telehealth services that allow you to use our online mobile application to:

  • Send messages directly to your doctor through the app.
  • Access your health records, including lab results, visit summaries, medication lists and patient education packets.
  • Schedule, access and pay for video visits through the app.
  • Monitor your health using the OwnUrHealth fitness band with application integration.

Wellness Partners Health Savings Plans allow patients to set aside a desired amount monthly towards their health care costs and receive discounted care whenever they come to the clinic.
With “WP Dollars” in your Health Savings Account.
Your credit will never expire and can be used to pay for consultations, labs, imaging or medications.
You will receive a 10% discount on all services at Wellness Partners Clinic when you pay with WP Dollars
$3/year to join as an Individuals
$5/year to join a Family or Corporate group (minimum of 5 members).
*Group account balances are transferable between group members.